Starring Paul Weller and his daughter Leah, this iconic advertising campaign marks the 120th anniversary of the Daks brand. It was inspired by the film ‘Brighton Rock’ and appropriately shot on location in Brighton by Greg Williams.

This campaign for Daks was shot by Liz Collins using cinematic lighting inspired by Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ and features Bette Franke and Lars Burmeister.

With a stepped set inspired by the elegant origami-like pleating of Sheila Waid’s Collection, this campaign was shot by Liz Collins and features Sigrid Agren and Bastiaan Van Gaalen.

These dramatic portraits were shot for Daks on location in London at the British Academy by Liz Collins featuring the brand’s Signature House Check as a subtle vignetted overlay.

Our debut advertising campaign for Daks marked the start of a long partnership between PBD and the iconic British heritage brand. Shot on location in London at ‘Il Bottaccio’ by Liz Collins featuring models Nimue Smit and Benjamin Eidam.