Inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic 1957 Christmas tree illustration, this playful brochure celebrates the best of Hotel Café Royal’s 2014 festive offerings. Illustrations by Clym Evernden.

The Art Deco period inspired the Café Royal Hotel, Regent Street’s menu design. Printing by Orchid Print.

‘London, Paris, Amsterdam’ – The Set Hotels chain give us a glimpse into their distinguished world with 42 consecutive placement billboard ads for the Intl. Luxury Travel Market event in Paris.

Launched in 1865 the Café Royal Hotel’s richly cultural and historical past is celebrated in this brand heritage direct mail piece.

The unique juxtaposition of contemporary and classic architecture at the Café Royal Hotel is showcased in this 2014 brand brochure.

The Akasha Luxury Spa’s concept and holistic approach to wellbeing are detailed in this 2014 brochure.